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Kazphosphate LLP was founded on October 27, 1999 in accordance with the law system of Republic of Kazakhstan.

Main production facilities are concentrated in Zhambyl region, therefore operating activities of the company are managed from the office located in Taraz city. Head office of the company is located in Almaty.

Covering every stage of production, Kazphosphate oversees all processes from mining and processing to the creation and delivery of superior quality products. The company's core activities encompass geological exploration, mining and processing of phosphate rock, as well as the production of high-grade phosphate mineral fertilisers and feed phosphates.

The company includes the following branches and subsidiaries:

  • Mineral Fertilisers Plant;
  • Kazphosphate Mining and Processing Complex;
  • Chulaktau Mining and Processing Complex;
  • Railway and transport complex;
  • Stepnogorsk Chemical Plant;
  • Economic Management.
  • Trading houses in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Lithuania.

Kazphosphate LLP is among the largest manufacturers of phosphate-based fertilisers and feed phosphates in the CIS and Europe.

Kazphosphate LLP supplies its products to markets across Europe, the CIS, and Central Asia.

The company is actively working towards addressing key challenges in the development of enterprises within the chemical sub-sector of Kazakhstan. Their goal is to penetrate international markets with superior, competitive products while building a strong reputation for the Republic of Kazakhstan as a supplier of cutting-edge, high-tech goods achieved through sophisticated raw material processing.