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Kazphosphate LLC was founded on October 27, 1999 in accordance with the law system of Republic of Kazakhstan.

Head office of the company is located in Almaty. Main production facilities are concentrated in Zhambyl region, therefore operating activities of the company are managed from the office located in Taraz city.

Kazphosphate LLC is a unique company on the territory of Kazakhstan. It operates full cycle from mining and processing of phosphate rock to the final products using its own railway-transportation complex.

Fundamental activities of company are: geological explorations, mining and processing of phosphate rock, production and sale of yellow phosphorus and its derivatives, phosphorus mineral fertilizers and fodder phosphates, output of industrial products on the basis of mineral raw materials.

The Company includes following affiliates:

  • Novodzhambul phosphorus plant;
  • Mineral Fertilizers plant;
  • Karatau Mining Processing Complex;
  • Chulaktau Mining Processing Complex;
  • Railway-Transportation Complex;
  • Shymkent detergents plant;
  • Stepnogorsk Chemical Plant.

In fact Kazphosphate LLC presents the phosphoric industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is a leading company in production of phosphorus-containing products among CIS countries.

Products of Kazphosphate LLC are supplied to Eastern and Western Europe, CIS countries, China as well as to internal market.

Activity of the company is focused on solution of priority tasks in accordance of development of Kazakhstan enterprise chemical subindustry, on access to world market with the high quality competitive products, to create the image of Republic of Kazakhstan as a high-tech products supplier, that are a result of high quality processing of raw materials.