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Training and teaching activity

The priority task of Kazphosphate LLP company is to raise production of the chemical industry to a high level and for which there is a necessary for a well-trained and skilled workers and specialists, senior and middle managers, therefore we keep high level activity to implement modernization process and the system of technical education.
In 2006, Training Center was established due to Kazphosphate LLP’s efforts. The Centre unites in its structure the technical training services of the plant Mineral Fertilizers, Railway Transport Complex, MPC Kazphosphate, MPC Chulaktau. Each branch of Kazphosphate LLP has an equipped (models of production equipment) training bases with computer equipment and teaching aids.

Right to conduct trainings, re-trainings and specialists advances vocational trainings are confirmed by Attestation issued by Committee for State Control of Emergencies and Industrial Safety of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kazakhstan to carry out works in the field of industrial safety.

Vocational training of Kazphosphate LLP’s staff is conducted in accordance with the approved plan of training, which includes following:

  • Preparation of new workers
  • Re-training
  • Training for the second and related professions
  • Advanced vocational training
  • Training on special-purpose courses
  • Training on industrial safety
  • Training of health and safety
  • Specialists advanced vocational trainings in the third party training centers
  • Training of branches employees in the institutions of secondary and higher education in accordance with Kazphosphate LLP’s functional demands. All trainings are under contracts and paid off by Kazphosphate LLP.

Internal training is carried out by branches technical training services.

Currently, 115 employees are trained in universities and colleges on a contractual basis and for account of Kazphosphate LLP, 230 employees have completed trainings.
Kazphosphate LLP takes an active part in preparation of workers and region engineers, as well as it is a base of practices for a number of colleges and universities (signed more than 16 contracts).
During 2012-2014 5080 students have passed work practice training and 45 foremen have passed industrial training.
Supporting taken republic modernization measures of vocational education in the contemporary socio-economic conditions, we have become partners in the dual model of education, entered into agreements with five colleges region.
Cooperation with educational institutions allows us to train personnel in accordance with the demand of operation, consider the changing requests of the employer as the main customer, but the most striking indicator of efficiency - is the employment of graduates and the demand of them in the labor market, so in 2012, 2014. 43 graduates are employed.
In order to provide operation by qualified specialists, there were organized training and retraining of Kazphosphate LLP’s staff on the base of Aulieata college #6, GPK "Karatau", Zhanatas college #5, GPK "Chulaktau", Karatau college #2 in the following specialties: panman of chemical production , laboratory chemical analysis, welder, mechanic, electrician, mechanic, repairman, burner, bunkering, pipeline operator, Cable fitter, breaker, vulcanizer etc.
Totally during of this period, 4227 employees got diplomas on state standard vocational education with assigned category.
About 300 employees (executives and specialists) annually get advanced vocational training in training centers.
60 employees are trained on state educational order In Zhambyl Polytechnic College
Kazphosphate LLP together with Zhambyl Polytechnic College developed two state educational standards in the field of "Operation of machinery and equipment industry", "Machining, instrumentation and automation in the industry", and thirty-four (34) sample programs and two (2) - integrated educational programs.
Under the "Modernization of technical and vocational education" project our company has developed 11 professional standards.
In 2011 and 2012 on the third and fourth "Vocational Education and Business: Dialogue Partners" international forum Kazphosphate LLP is recognized as the best social partner of regional in technical and vocational education system and awarded by diplomas of Ministry of Education and Science.
Kazphosphate LLP was awarded with special medal of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic "Patron of Education-2012" and was listed into Golden Book of patronage for active support of organizations of technical and vocational education.
Currently Kazphosphate LLP is implementing a program of innovative development, which reconstructs and expands the existing production and constructs some new. So within the framework of FIID in 2013 production of sulfuric acid by contact was brought into production.
For maintenance of sulfuric acid production taken up plant personnel was trained at Almalyk city, Republic of Uzbekistan on the current single-type production. Specialists could launch sulfuric acid production by itself.

Thus, training of Kazphosphate LLP staff certainly turns to professional self-realization in production processes. The success of any business is realized by skilled workers who know chemical, technological and economic laws.